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Origin Myths

Before the Great Beginning there were many beginnings. The lesser beginnings yielded only endings, for there was no awareness with the power to prevent an ending. The Great Beginning led to multiple awarenesses, each of which works in its own way to sustain the Is.
- From the Eema Sect Archives, Fourth Dissertation on The Is, opening commentary by Neetsun the SeerIs.

The Gods created first the Orcish races and then created the lesser races for us to conquer. The lesser races were made strong and wise, so that we may earn honor in their subjugation or destruction, each according to its kind. Victory is never assured by the Gods, but comes only to those who are worthy. Our people are made stronger when the worthy among us defeat the lesser races, and when the lesser races defeat those among us who are weak.
- General Kurrghen, Victory speech at the close of the 3rd Skay'tzen Campaign

Creation Chronology

A high level chronology of the instantiation of the dimensions/realms of existence.

Before Awareness

Because it is the easiest way for us to picture this, i will refer to 'beginnings and endings' as if there is an ongoing cycle of new beginnings following after the previous ending. Perhaps that is how it works, or perhaps all of the beginnings happened simultaneously in parallel dimensions. Or perhaps there is some other explanation. I don't try to answer that here definitively, but for purposes of this game, reality is modeled as a series of an endless cycle of beginning-existing-ending, one of which being the totality of the multiverse in which we exist. Each such cycle is called a multiverse.

Countless multiverses began and ended before the Great Beginning. Nothing is known about their existence, or the mechanisms by which they began or ended. Some of them may have spawned Chance, Interactivity, Structure, and even Awareness & Agency, but those realities did not sustain themselves. Some may still exist, but do so outside of our ability to become aware of them. Nothing is or can be known of them, because they do not exist within our multiverse.

This section describes the 'spiritual dimensions' of reality, for want of a better phrase to name them. They are not physical dimensions in the sense of defining location, but rather define the degree of the existence (or not) of the specific characteristics which gave rise to the primordial consciousness and agency after the Great Beginning.

Dimension 0: Time (Before & After)

Time is dimension 0, the first and foremost of the dimensions of reality. Time can not be manipulated in the same way as the other dimensions. It is instead the dimension used to define the changes that occur in each of the other dimensions. Time always flows 'forward' in each of the dimensions, where it is described as BeforeAndAfter, but the rate of that flow varies among the dimensions and can be manipulated by various game mechanisms. When describing a realm in terms of the number of dimensions which comprise it, the dimension of time is not included in the count.

Dimension 1: Chance (Likely & Unlikely / Lucky & Unlucky)

At the time of the each beginning, there was only the spiritual dimension of Chance. Ebits - fundamental units of existence which have neither mass, energy, or location - had but two possible states: to exist or to not exist. At each beginning, an uncountable infinity of Ebits each individually sprang into existence or did not do so, independently of the state of the other Ebits. There was no interaction between the Ebits, and no structure in their existence/order. Many existences began and ended, each with its own set of independent Ebits. Most of these existences lasted but for an infinitesimally short duration.

Dimension 2: Interactivity (Isolated & Connected)

From among the countless ephemeral 1 dimensional existences, there were beginnings in which chance spawned Ebits which had the property of interacting with one or more other Ebits, giving those existences another spiritual dimension: the Dimension of Interaction. In those existences, Ebits could exist or not, and those which existed could be interactive or not. In these 2 dimensional existences the interaction of Ebits spawned the emergent property of electromagnetic energy.

An infinite number of existences continued to occur, some with only the dimension of Chance, and others with both dimensions of Chance and Interactivity. In those with both, Chance led to multiverses whose interactivity manifest one, some, many and all possible frequencies and powers of the electromagnetic spectrum. By extension, chance would also lead to every set of harmonics of every set of frequencies. The possibilities are incalculable.

Where different frequencies met in these 2 dimensional existence, complex harmonics arose as an emergent property of their interactions. Most of these realities would disperse their energies quickly, sometimes even hastened by degenerative harmonic feedback among the electromagnetic waves. Those existences would end, making way for another beginning.

Dimension 3: Structure (Random & Ordered)

In the endless cycle, Chance again led to existences in which the harmonics were regenerative, leading to the emergent property of the 3rd spiritual dimension (Structure) and the genesis of the 3 dimensional elementary particles (quarks, leptons, and bosons). These particles each introduced additional emergent properties to the existences which spawned them, setting the stage for the Great Awakening.

The Great Beginning -> The Great Awakening

Dimension 4: Awareness (Ig & Ack) & 'Gnosis'

The Great Awakening occurred when Chance spawned an existence in which a structure occured which had awareness of its existence. Because this awareness was an inherenet property of the entire multiverse which had spawned it, the awareness includes knowledge of its own creation, and complete awareness of the current state and every possible future/fate of every ebit and emergent entity in the multiverse.

The awareness of the multiverse is a single self/omni-aware consciousness. It exists within - and is fully aware of - all aspects of existence in the multiverse in dimensions 0 through 4. It is aware of the effects of actions taken in higher dimensions which have effects at the lower dimensions, but it is not aware of the higher dimensions or any actions which occur only in them. For want of a better name, mind adventures refers to this entity as 'Gnosis'. The mind adventures multiverse 'rules' (mostly) prohibit players from interacting directly with Gnosis, not least of which because there would be no common frame of reference for any communication to occur.

Dimension 5: Agency (make, evolve, and unmake) & 'The Triune Primal'

After an infinity of awareness of its existence but with no method by which to infuence its own existence, Chance eventually spawned a new spiritual dimension of Agency. In the high Agency end of the multiverse, Awareness was able to exert direct control over the multiverse in which it existed.

Agency - directing but undirected - began, the ability to create, evolve, and terminate patterns of any imagined structure anywhere in the multiverse. Where the patterns and/or their evolution were simple, they would come and go in an instant. Others would be more complex to build and process, before they, in turn, would end.

In mind adventures, we refer to this 'Agency' as 'The Triune Primal'. The Triune Primal exists in the 5 spiritual dimensions which led to its existence, and also extends beyond them to some of the higher dimensions. It is not known how far the Awareness and Agency of the Triune Primal extend.

the Triune Primal has no purpose/identity/will. It will cycle an infinite number of all possible patterns in no specific order. An infinite series of patterns of infinite degrees of complexity and duration would have been created, sustained as necessary to be completed, and then ended. No specific pattern would have been favored, either for complexity or duration, but any possible pattern may have been cycled.

Dimension 6: Social (competitive - cooperative) & The Nine Karmic Spirits

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Let There Be...

Physical Dimension 1: Mortality & Astral Beings


Physical Dimension 2: Tabla Rasa & Ethereal Beings


Life As We Know It

Physical Dimension 3: Gender (DNA) & High Fantasy


Physical Dimension 4: Chemistry & Low Fantasy


Physical Dimension 5: Industrial & Supernatural


Physical Dimension 6: Information & Conspiracy


Physical Dimension 7: Cytech & Aliens


Life As We Don't Know It

Physical Dimension 8: Bostech & Aliens


Physical Dimension 9: Plaztech & Aliens


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