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Altan tend to be social, though somewhat aloof, team players. They insist on honest dealings and openness in all things. They enjoy interacting with the other Homm species, because it further allows them to 'study' the other races.


Description: 7' thin-medium frame. Albinism

Sense Modifiers:

Skill Modifiers:

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.

Culture: Altan are curious, if somewhat aloof, scholars. They usually live near mixed species communities to get their basic needs for food/clothing met.


Professions: All Altan who live in a normal Altan community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: All Homm Languages, Literacy, Scribe, Cartographer, Sympathetic Mage. All Altan will choose one or more areas of personal interest to study over the course of their lives to be considered a scholar in that (those) domains.

Most full-sized Altan communities will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Altan as apprentices: Scientist (chemist, physicist, biologist, geologist, linguistics, astronomer, primalist), Librarian, Teacher, Diplomat, 'Regent', Sorceror.

Altan are the masters of Primal magic in all of its forms. They are not permitted to study that discipline unless/until they FULLY master all of the Sympathetic Magic Spells, at which point they have earned the right to begin training from any master of their choosing. Most students will travel among multiple masters as their training advances.

Altan are usually welcomed at Arkanad training monasteries, and most are expected to master a degree of proficiency in non-weapon-related martial arts, with a focus on not harming the opponent, before they reach adulthood.

Magical Crafting: Altan produce magical scrolls and tomes. Enchanted scrolls allow a non-caster to produce the associated spell effect by reading the scroll, which consumes it. If the scroll is read by a mage who knows the spell, it is not consumed and the mana cost is reduced. Magical tomes MAY allow a proficient mage to learn a new spell/verb/noun/adjective/etc., but they are difficult to produce.The tome is consumed in the process, regardless of whether the reader learns the new skill. Special parchments (made by heebor) and inks (made by Merlun chemists from ores and materials provided by Ferrau) are the optimum materials for the most effective scrolls/tomes.

Combat Tactics: Altan strive to avoid direct melee combat, and instead focus on aiding their allies or disadvantaging their opponents via magical effects. When pressed, or if they feel the situation warrants it, they will participate directly in a melee, using both magic and martial arts together to incapacitate their foes.

Arts: Altan produce pen/ink drawings ranging from huge murals to postage size pieces. These drawings are often done from an aerial perspective, but not if it is intended for an non-Altan audience. Some Altan will create vast images via 'skywriting' for artistic purposes, but this skill is also used to communicate a message to an entire community.

Altan use their control of air/wind to 'play' a range of wind instruments simultaneously to produce the effect of an symphony. Many Altan will compose original pieces which will be played only a single time for any audience, and then not repeated. Extremely complex pieces are created/performed at significant events, and then performed again at the 'anniversary' of those events.



Mating Customs:



Child Rearing:

Burial Customs:



innate species abilities - IN WORK


Plant Affinity

This ability allows the character to recognize inherent potential of plants, to commune with local flora, and to perform tree-walking.

species-specific options

Animal Affinity

This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all diurnal species.


This ability allows the character to modify the weight, shape, and durability of any object made from wood, as well as to imbue wooden arrows with pyrotechnic effects.

Solar Powered

This ability allows the character to heal and restore magical energy stores rapidly if exposed to sunlight.


This ability allows the character to morph into one or more of the following animal species: (note: list in work and WILL change a bit) mouse, badger, wolf, bear, lion, cheetah, eagle, hawk.


Innate: Flying (carry), Air walk, Etherealize

Combat: Weaponless combat augmented with air/ethereal magic.




Magic Crafting:Inscription - scrolls which must be read to effect the result.

Culture: TBD.

Home: TBD.

Economy: Scholars, Educators, Ambassadors, Local law(?), Explorers, Cartographers