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Dwarvum tend to be taciturn, regimented, and easily provoked to anger, but are also easily satisfie with attempts to calm them. They tend to have addictions.

Dwarvum (Night Earth)

Description: 4' stocky. dark brown skin (until modified). brown eyes. black hair. Thick black body hair

Innate: Iron/Silver/Lava Legs/Torso/Arms/Hands/Head, Ore sense, lava burst

Species Modifiers: battle tactics, Strength, Toughness, Endurance, Resistant to gases, posions, toxins, diseases.

Combat: Well stocked with enchanted armor, hand weapons, crossbows, and gunpowder weapons.

Magic: F3-A2-W1-E4. Good at primal battle magic

Spiritual: Most favor black (war (40), aggression (40), cruelty (20)). Good at summoning battle demons

Astrology: Most follow the god of war

Magic Crafting: Temporary combat enchantments.

Culture: TBD.

Home: TBD.

Economy: Serve as grunt troops for all Homm species. Rogue groups are often bandits. Lock-picking & trap setting/disabling



Sense Modifiers:

Skill Modifiers:

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.



Professions: All Heebor who live in a normal Heebor community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: Farmer, Gatherer, Hunter, Archer. Some will specialize in one or more of those and not choose to master any other skills.

Most full-sized Heebor communities will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Heebor as apprentices: Carpenter, Spinner, Weaver, Tailor, Veterinarian

Magical Crafting:

Combat Tactics:




Mating Customs:



Child Rearing:

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