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Arkanad tend to be secretive loners with a strong belief in 'chain of command' and a stronger belief in reverence for the elderly. When in a homogenous group they honor strict chain of command. When in a heterogeneous group they go with the flow. Arkanad tend towards fanaticism, though with no specific area of fanaticism dominating a majority of them.


Description: 7' thin-medium frame. Melanism

Sense Modifiers: Night vision, distance vision

Skill Modifiers: Gymnastics, Martial Arts

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.


Arkanad live in commune-like monasteries, each of which often has one or more 'schools of thought' represented within its walls.

Many Arkanad will take a cause upon themselves, protecting a person/community/expedition or seeking to eliminate specific threats. Once any such cause is chosen, the Arkanad will be singularly focused on its completion. Other Arkanad will separate themselves from their community and operate 'outside the law' as cat burglars, spies, and/or assassins for hire. In most of those cases, it will be a paired male/female couple who work together. In some cases, a solitary Arkanad will live alone, completely separated from civilization to meditate and focus on her/his area of interest.

Economy: Arkanad will trade mercenary services to the other races for the minimal needs. They generally get their weapons from Ferrau craftsmen, and assorted poisons from Noktoom, but when Mersol or Merlun merchants can supply them they accept the additional expense so they are 'adhering to local norms'.

Professions: All Arkanad who live in a normal Arkanad community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: Weaponless Fighting, Martial Art Weapons, Sorcery, Stealth. Some will specialize in one or more of those and not choose to master any other skills.

Most full-sized Arkanad monasteries will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Arkanad as apprentices: Advanced Martial Skills, Spy, Assassin, Runemaster, Warrior (mercenary)

Arkanad are always welcome at any Altan University, where they are permitted to study any subject that interests them. Individual Arkanad may choose to pursue any subject at all, even if that requries them to find 'teachers' from other than Altan/Arkanad races, though this is rare and it generally takes some persuasion to be adopted as an apprentice by any of the other races.

Some Arkanad will choose to learn all of... or a useful to their professions subset of... Sympathetic Magic. A smaller subset of them will also seek to master primal magic by studying under Altan masters after mastering all of EITHER Sympathetic Magic or Sorcery.

Arkanad are the very proficient at dominating spirits of any kind. Some Arkanad will explicitly align with one or more of the white OR black spirits and/or the astrological gods, but it is more common for an Arkanad to use Sorcery to force the desired effects from the spirits than for her/him to perform the karmic-affecting actions desired by the spirits. Many Arkanad will take a low-level spirit as a familiar, even if not personally aligned with its spiritual position. Most Arkanad have a low opinion of most of the astrological gods, with specific exceptions.

Magical Crafting: Arkanad Runemasters can draw (or trace with their inked fingers) runes on surfaces or 'in the air'. When the trigger conditions occur, the rune's effect will happen. The most common use of this enchantment power is the creation of 'portable holes' and as aids in concealment, but many other effects are also possible.

Combat Tactics: Arkanad attack their opponents close-in with fists, feet, hand-weapons, and magic. They seek to avoid killing members of the Homm species, but will also determine that some have forfeited their right to life because of their actions. When in combat against other opponents, they go for the kill as early as possible.

Arts: Arkanad perform complex martial arts moves (including flying manuevers) to complex chants performed by the audience. Elaborate displays will see the 'dancer' switched out from time to time, but at no time is more than one performer in movement.

Non-verbal chanting in groups, with a range of voices and often in 'parts/harmony, is done both for aesthetics and to master breath control, timing, and synchronization with other Arkanad. Many Arkanad adopt a specific chant that they perform (softly) when engaged in open melee. Doing so improves their efficiency/accuracy once they have fully mastered the chant with other trained Arkanad.



Mating Customs:



Child Rearing:

Burial Customs:



innate species abilities - In Work


Plant Affinity

This ability allows the character to recognize inherent potential of plants, to commune with local flora, and to perform tree-walking.

species-specific options

Animal Affinity

This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all diurnal species.


This ability allows the character to modify the weight, shape, and durability of any object made from wood, as well as to imbue wooden arrows with pyrotechnic effects.

Solar Powered

This ability allows the character to heal and restore magical energy stores rapidly if exposed to sunlight.


This ability allows the character to morph into one or more of the following animal species: (note: list in work and WILL change a bit) mouse, badger, wolf, bear, lion, cheetah, eagle, hawk.


Arkanad (Night Air)


Innate: Flying (carry), Air walk, Astralize

Species Modifiers: TBD

Combat:Ninja weapons and weaponless fighting style, augmented with magic.

Magic: F2-A4-W3-E3. Good with primal, ethereal, & astral magic

Spiritual: Nominal followers of white:justice, focus on eradicating evil/danger/outlaws

Astrology: Nominal followers of god of the sky, god of art, earth, and moon

Magic Crafting:Runes - temporary & permanent effects which occur when triggered (usually proximity)

Culture: TBD.

Home: TBD.

Economy: Scholars, cat burglars, ninja, mercenaries, border patrol