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Dwarves are almost all gregarious, boisterous, industrious, and rational.


Description: 4' stocky. light brown skin (until modified). brown eyes. brown hair. Thick black body hair

Skill Modifiers: Craftsmanship, Strength, Toughness, Endurance, Resistant to gases, posions, toxins

Combat Tactics: Prefer personally crafted/enchanted armor, hand weapons, crossbows, and gunpowder weapons.

Magic: F4-A2-W1-E4. Good with primal elemental & primal ethereal magic

Spiritual: Fringe White, larger fringe black, but most are not affiliated either way.

Astrological: Most worship Haephestus.

Magical Crafting: Permanent enchantments on crafted items

Culture: Live underground or in stone/metal buildings. Often live in a region with sun elves and other homm groups.

Economy: Mine rock, and ore. Process ore. Build Stone structures. Metal-work of all kinds. Enchanting of items.

Family: Family unit: all living *descendants* of oldest male in house and their female spouses.

Home: Live in underground facilities, constructed not natural. If above ground, building of stone, metal and wood

Community: Tightly coupled clans form each autonomous community, but kings, dukes, etc. require fealty.

Politics: TBD.



Sense Modifiers:

Skill Modifiers:

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.



Professions: All Heebor who live in a normal Heebor community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: Farmer, Gatherer, Hunter, Archer. Some will specialize in one or more of those and not choose to master any other skills.

Most full-sized Heebor communities will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Heebor as apprentices: Carpenter, Spinner, Weaver, Tailor, Veterinarian

Magical Crafting:

Combat Tactics:




Mating Customs:



Child Rearing:

Burial Customs:



Innate Species Abilities


Metal Detector

This ability allows the character to sense the direction, type, qty of rock, metal, gem deposits and to detect weakness in any of those materials.

Species-Specific Options


This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all nocturnal species.