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Sun elves tend to be optimistic, nature-loving individualists, who are highly gregarious and accepting in their natures. They are of less than average industriousness, enjoying communing with nature and expressing their love for it in artistic expression. They take perosnal pride in their skill with bows.


Description: Green skin. Light green hair. Green or blue eyes. 5' tall & thin. No body hair. No facial hair.

Sense Modifiers: excellent color vision and depth perception

Skill Modifiers: bow use: aim & fires twice/round

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.

Culture: Live and perform agricultural activities in accordance with nature. High interest in leisure activities: song, dancing, humor. Only women may have leadership roles, but otherwise the genders share in most activities equally.

Economy: Provide food & wood products to other Homms. Natural farming/hunting & 'magical carpentry' (no use of nails or tools to shape the wood, etc).

Professions: All Heebor who live in a normal Heebor community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: Farmer, Gatherer, Hunter, Archer. Some will specialize in one or more of those and not choose to master any other skills.

Most full-sized Heebor communities will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Heebor as apprentices: Carpenter, Spinner, Weaver, Tailor, Veterinarian

Many female Heebor will become active priestesses to the gods that are commonly worshipped among the Heebor. Some will devote themselves exclusively to that role.

Magical Crafting: Weaving - generic term for the production of natural and magical thread, cloth, clothing. Note that the threads are enchanted BEFORE the cloth is woven, which allows the creation of cloth objects which have more than just a single enchantment operational at one time.

Combat Tactics: Prefer a personally made bow with (augmented) arrows and/or the liberal use of fire-based sympathetic magic. If forced into hand-hand fighting prefers the use of a custom made staff. Few elves master enchantment properly, so it is customary to get their enchantments done by more proficient members of their community.

Arts: Heebor create intricate string art pieces using threads that have been enchanted to produce aesthetically pleasing visual and/or audio effects.

Heebor will string their bow with a specially enchanted thread which functions like a theremin. They perform intricate dances while holding their bow at each end and playing it to accompany their dance movements. Performances may start as solo, but often the audience members will choose to join in as well. That's considered a compliment, theough the additional players are expected to allow the originator to 'lead'.

Diet: Do not require food as long as they get daily exposure to sunlight, but usually consume a limited calorie omnivorous diet for the pleasure of eating.

Vices: Naturally fermented fruits/fruit juices and marijuana are in common use recreationally, but only after the work of the day is done. "Don't let the sun see you doing that". Particularly enjoy a complex meal of spiced and cooked plant/animal products, but do not personally prepare them.

Mating Customs: No permanent mating occurs. Women choose partners for an evening at their whim, but it is rare for a woman to choose the same man twice in any given month. Men may express their interest in a specific woman by bringing her gifts, but are otherwise forbidden to pursue her. Acceptance of the gift means she will call him to her bed within the month.

Home: In an elevated meadow, a small clump of trees are 'grown' to form a raised home that is left open to the sky.

Family: Small group focused on various aspects of ONE profession, consisting of a matriarch, her female children of any age (and their children if applicable), children of either gender up to age 7, and anyone of either gender over 7 who is serving as an apprentice for the family craft. The latter may be adopted permanently by the family with mutual consent.

Child Rearing: Usually leave their birth family to join a 'band' at puberty.

Burial Customs: Cremation with their most commonly worn outfit and 'equipment'. The remainder of their possessions are given to family/friends as mementos

Community: Loose association of individual families.

Politics: Accepts (welcomes?) presence of other base Homm Species within their territory if 'well behaved'.

Innate Species Abilities - IN WORK


Plant Affinity

This ability allows the character to recognize inherent potential of flowering plants, to commune with local flora, and to perform tree-walking.

Species-Specific Options

Animal Affinity

This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all diurnal species.


This ability allows the character to modify the weight, shape, and durability of any object made from wood, as well as to imbue wooden arrows with pyrotechnic effects.

Solar Powered

This ability allows the character to heal and restore magical energy stores rapidly if exposed to sunlight.


This ability allows the character to morph into one or more of the following animal species: mouse, wolf, bear, lion, cheetah, eagle, hawk (in work).