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In my first pass at this page i will focus on Species which may be played by the participants. I will eventually also use this section of the site to document the other races/species/etc. that may be encountered in the various realms.

Fantasy Realms

I have made an effort to explicitly include most of the expected options for player's to role-play, though i don't always follow the common conventions as to the specifics of the traits of each commonly encoutered race. I also don't concern myself with 'balance'. Some races are just more 'powerful' than others, so i don't automatically assign equal negative traits to a species to balance any special abilities its members may have.

Player Character Species

Each of the following links is a top level description of a distinct genus and contains additional links for the individual species it contains. Players may create characters that are a hybrid of two species within a genus (except where the descriptions state otherwise), but breeding outside of the genus is not possible without magical/ultra-tech assistance. However, intra/extra-genus hybrids which are not possible in the real world (i.e. chimera) may be common in a fantasy environment.

Players may choose a species from any of these genera for their characters













Placeholder for 'Evolution Tree'

Encountered Species

Generally these species are not played by our characters, though there's no hard/fast rule prohibiting it. These are the species that may be encountered in one or more of the fantasy realms, but which are generally not well suited to be played as a member of a heterogeneous playing group.








More to come...

Modern Realms

In modern realms, humans predominate or are the only race available for play. magic oesn't work, or functions poorly, in these realms, but psy powers are commonly available.

Science Fiction Realms

In science fiction realms, we again have a larger availability of distinct races that may be chosen as a player character. Those realms also introduce species that incorporate some of the 'exotic materials' (which exist only in the upper realms) as part of their physiology. At the extreme, this allows species which appear 'magical' by the standards of our realm's limits of physics and chemistry.