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Merlun tend to be manipulative opportunists.


Description: 6' Sleek but with some padding. Assorted skin colors & patterns, controlled consciously to provide camouflage. Some fine body hair. Can breathe underwater indefinitely if the water is briny, but must surface after a few hours if diving in fresh water.

Sense Modifiers:

Skill Modifiers:

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD.



Professions: Merlun will learn the following skills before venturing out to make their fortune: Cook, Fisher, Merchant, Two Handed Weapons, Trident & Net. Some will specialize in Fisher and/or Cook and not choose to master any other skills. Cooking skills are in great demand by most of the other Homm species, so OFTEN a Merlun couple will live with another Homm race and provide that service to the community (as well as often being the local connection to black market economy).

Any Merlun community will have members who are skilled at one or more of the following tasks: Innkeeper, Bartender, Pharmacology (drugs!), Enchantment (of Drugs), Gambling (Statistics), Sex Work, Lock Picking, Locating/Disabling Traps. They will take apprentices in exchange for a cut of that person's earnings for an agreed upon time. Merlun will NOT 'cheat' on that obligation.

Merlun will often operate an inn as a business to serve as a base of operations for one or more vices: booze, gambling, pit fighting, sex-for-hire, drug den, pawn shop (no questions asked), bookie, loan shark. These Merlun will usually establish a close relationship with a Mersol merchant, who will usually aid them in 'laundering' their income when operating in 'civilized' areas, but for the most part that isn't necessary and they provide their 'services' openly.

Merlun are treasure-hunters by nature, and most will spend at least some of their time exploring the ocean floor for salvageable items if they are near the ocean. When not near a ocean, they will often decide that some local ruin may have items of value, and take it upon themselves to find out, alone or with a party.

Magical Crafting: Merlun are skilled in the enchantment of the drugs that they make. They can produce a range of enhanced effects this way, but only the most skilled can make the drugs without side-effects or being highly addictive. They aren't much motivated to remove the addicting aspect, as that improves repeat business, but will do so for a much higher cost of the product If they are able. All of the other Homm races have specific versions of the drugs that they will use to enhance their performance in combat, crafting, sex, art, etc. (yes, even the Arkanad!)

Combat Tactics: Merlun do not seek combat and never serve as mercenaries, but when combat is inevitable they are enthusiastic warriors on land and at sea and fight bravely. They are both accurate and strike with great force using 2H swords on land and a trident/net combination when fighting in the sea. When they can get one, they also use Areeft-crafted spear guns underwater.

Arts: Merlun love to sing, and most have voices which span multiple octaves. They perform in large choirs of at least 4 participants, though two will do, but NEVER individually. Their songs are often bawdy or tell of great deeds by members of their own race or the astrological gods.



Mating Customs:



Child Rearing:

Burial Customs:



innate species abilities


Plant Affinity

This ability allows the character to recognize inherent potential of plants, to commune with local flora, and to perform tree-walking.

species-specific options

Animal Affinity

This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all diurnal species.


This ability allows the character to modify the weight, shape, and durability of any object made from wood, as well as to imbue wooden arrows with pyrotechnic effects.

Solar Powered

This ability allows the character to heal and restore magical energy stores rapidly if exposed to sunlight.


This ability allows the character to morph into one or more of the following animal species: (note: list in work and WILL change a bit) mouse, badger, wolf, bear, lion, cheetah, eagle, hawk.


Submaren (Night Water)

Description: 6' Sleek but with some padding. Assorted skin colors & patterns. Some fine body hair

Innate:Toughness, wear down, impersonate, 2h wielding

Species Modifiers: Underwater breathing

Combat: Shield and spear, or net and spear. If on ground very proficient with wielding 2h weapons.

Magic: F1-A1-W4-E3.

Spiritual: Most follow neither, some follow white, some follow black

Astrology: Most follow god of the seas, some god of the dead, some god of wisdom

Magic Crafting: Brewing/distilling/cooking: Addicting drugs, drinks, etc. with side-effects

Culture: TBD.

Home: TBD.

Economy: Underworld economy. Betting. Vices. Mercenary soldiers. Undersea salvage. Piracy. Pickpocket