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Noktoom tend to be cliquish and sociable only with those they have come to know well through some form of association. Once they have accepted someone, they are unselfish and friendly in their association with that person. They are not overly industrious, preferring to spend over half of their time in leisure activities.


Description: mottled white/grey/black skin, each with a distinct pattern. Gray hair. Gray eyes. 5' thin. No body hair.

Sense Modifiers: night vision, detail vision, smell (especially things that are rotting)

Skill Modifiers: aiming darts, aiming close in strikes with shivs, stealth

Magic: TBD

Spiritual: TBD

Astrological: TBD

Culture: Often live in a region with sun elves and other homm groups.

Economy: Cultivate (naturally) and harvest mushroom based foods. Guard their own home region from marauders and predators. Are often hired as mercenaries/assassins as individual or in groups. Pickpocketing and 'shop-lifting'.

Professions: All Noktoom who live in a normal Noktoom community are trained by adulthood to journeyman level at: Gatherer, Scavenger, Animal Trapping, & Stealth. Some will specialize in one or more of those and not choose to master any other skills.

Most full-sized Noktoom communities will contain individuals who have mastered one or more of the following skills, and who will accept young Noktoom as apprentices: Silk Harverster, Bee/Antkeeper, Cheesemaker (if Dairy products are available locally), Mycologist, Enchanter, Pickpocket/Shoplifter, Venomologist, Assassin

Magical Crafting: Noktoom may target living arthropods, arthropod body parts, and arthropod products for enchantment. Controlling the actions of personally enchanted insects/spiders/etc. is their primary focus, and most Noktoom who master enchantment will have one or more some small pets (spiders and wasps are preferred) they employ as scouts/weapons .

Combat Tactics: Prefer personally made wooden poisoned darts and shivs. Darts may be hurled or shot from a wooden blowgun. Small wooden shivs may be wielded dual handed or thrown. Specializing in 'critical strikes' (damage and/or disable) with poisoned and non-poisoned shivs.

Arts: Noktoom will arrange for masses of fireflies to 'perform' at dusk in open fields at the appropriate times of the year for the amusement of their own community and any 'allied' communities, accompanied by a cricket (et alia) symphony.

Noktoom perform sombre/haunting music played on multiple types of stringed instruments, with a heavy emphasis on bass. Their default instrument is a lyre strung with araknid silk.



Mating Customs:

Home: In a covered 'clearing' in a dense area of a forest, or a shallow cave. The tribe shares a sleeping area composed of mud, rotting vegetables, etc.

Family: Usually leave their birth family to join a 'band' at puberty.

Child Rearing: Usually leave their birth family to join a 'band' at puberty.

Burial Customs: their remains left deep in the forest for the carrion eaters. They are stripped and their clothing/equipment, which is distributed to their closest friends/family who do not USE them, but keep them as mementos

Community: Small mixed bands (up to 40) live in regions up to 900 sq. miles or more.

Politics: Exploits presence of other base Homm Species within their territory.

Innate Species Abilities - Changes in process


Plant Affinity

This ability allows the character to recognize inherent potential of mushrooms, to commune with local clumps, and to perform shroom-walking.

Species-Specific Options

Animal Affinity

This ability allows the character to understand, communicate with and sense the presence of all nocturnal species.

Spore Generation

This ability allows the character to generate a variety of fungal spores from her/his hands.

Shape Shifting

This ability allows the character to morph into one or more of the following animal species: rat, cat, badger, coyote, panther, owl, bat (in work)