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Multiple Independent/Interacting Metaphysical Models

Real life abilities will be discussed in another section of this site. They will work (as closely as they can be modeled) exactly as they do in real life, and mastering one or more of them will be an important part of developing a character. However, few role-players want their character to be limited to the skills and abilities available in real life. Magic, science fiction technology, etc. do not have real world counter-parts, so this section describes how those areas are defined in a Mind Adventuraes game.

M.A.R.S supports multiple metaphysical models and provide rules for uisng them individually or in concert with each other. Characters may have inate abilities, learn abilities as specials skills, gain access to abilities via technology, etc. at the discretion of the referee's scenario.

Each realm/phase allows access to a defined subset of all the possible metaphysical models. Most models are effective in only a limited subset of the realms/phases, some of them either attenuated or completely inoperant in other than their primary realms/phases. In general, the fantasy models are more effective in the lower realms, while the science fiction models are more effective in the higher realms.

Metaphysical Models

The models are loosely grouped into these major subsets:

NOTE: By intentional design, there is significant overlap between the effects that a character can attain using each of the metaphysical models. Also by design, the traits that allow a character to attain an effect using a specific model that is supported in one realm/phase will position the character to attain similar effects using a different model in a different phase/realm.

A Brief Cosmology

These sections are PURPOSELY brief, as to provide to thew players just the most basic understanding of the "higher realms", their denizens, and the udnerlying mechanisms for each of the 'supernatural' metaphysical models.

The Triune Primal

The first knowable entity - though unapproachable by physical beings - is the Triune Primal. It is one entity of three interconnected parts: creation - continuance - destruction. All that exists in the spiriual, astral, ethereal, and physical realms was directly or indirectly created by the Triune Priaml's will, and all that exists will, in its time, in turn, be destroyed by an agent of the destructive aspect of that will. Players do not directly interact with the Triune Primal IN ANY WAY in the game.

Primal Power is the single most 'powerful' and versatile of any of the metaphysical models... it is in fact the UNDERLYING power behind the spiritual and astral powers as used ry the spiritual and astral beings... but is is also the most difficult to fully master of the . In theory, one could attain any result possible with sufficiant mastery of the necessaty 'Words'. The Triune Power expresses 'Words' by its thought, but for spirits & humans (except at the highest of possible levels) to use primal power requires - at minimum - speech. The use of gestures, components, runes, scrolls, potions, technology-based aids, etc. will usually improve the success or effectiveness of attempts to use primal power.

Spiritual Warfare

The Triune Primal is self aware, both individually and collectively, but it does not know how it came to exist, why it came to exist, or if there Is a 'why' as to its existence. Though knowledge is not its purpose and curiosity is not a strong drive, each aspect came to question the reason for the endless cycle of creationa nd destruction which had occurred to that point. Each of its aspects, however, are in conflict with the other two, to a greater of lesser degree, and they were unable to derive an answer that would justify an end to creation, and end to existence, or an end to endings. However, upon further examination it was understood that to implement a solution which maintained a role for one aspect of the Triune Primal but not all three aspects was in conflict with their own nature, so no such solution was possible. Therefore, only two possible outcomes were under further consideration: continue as before with the cycles of creation and destruction, or terminate all cycles and themselves. On closer examination, however, the first solution seemed to be a capitualtion to the 'Continuation' aspect, while the latter appeared to be a final victory for the 'Destruction' aspect, and all realized that no solution which favored 'Creation' seemed available.

Now that the question had been raised, there appeared to be no answer upon which all three aspects could agree. When words alone could not influence the other aspects, and deadlock was undeniable, the decision was reached to allow 'Creation'to influence the resolution of which other aspect would prevail in the end by performing a series of three special creations, each in sequence. The goal was to allow the question of 'continuation' or 'annihilation' to be considered fresh.

For the first special creation, each of the three Primal aspects sacrificed a small part of their being (and power). These three pieces were combined in a new specially created realm of existence, the spiritual realm, and then allowed to coalesce around the nine basic positions of the debate that had been raging within the Triune Primal as to its continued existence of annnihilation. Four of the positions favored continuation, five favored annihilation. Thus were created the Immortal Spirits in their nine families, to move the debate into open conflict in search of a resolution to the question.No single word fully describes the motivation behind the spirits in each of the families, but a reasonable summary of the two subsets are: destruction, cruelty, exploitation, betrayal, waste, enjoyment, co-operation, growth, existence

Each family was headed by a single representative main spirit for the family, served by legions of increasingly less powerful spirits within that family. War waged among the spirit families for endless eternities, but because of their immortal nature any victory was short-lived. Eventually, it was recognized that by their nature the spirits were still fundamentally part of the Triune Primal, and would thus be unable to settle the matter any better than had the Triune itself.

Let There Be Light

Thus was the second sepacial creation prompted.

Let There Be Life

Psychic Abilities


Characters may have innate psychic abilities which allow them to affect reality by the power of their mind. Some psychic abilities do not have an associated cost and may be used without limit, while other abilities require the expenditure of personal 'psy'.

The amount of psy a character my draw upon to perform psychic powers is directly related to that character's mental attributes. Psy may not be stored or otherwise accumulated by any means, thus setting an upper limit on a character's ability to use some of the psychic powers. Practice - especially that which stresses the player - will increase the character's efficiency in utilizing her/his psy.

Characters may have innate spiritual abilities because of their specific ancestry and/or by virue of being a member of a spritually attuned species. Other characters may gain abilities by being possessed by a spiritual entity (voluntarily or otherwise), by use of a spiritually endowed item, or via an alliance with a spiritual entity.

Psychic Power Families

  • Telepathy
  • Domination
  • Projection
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Dimensional Effects
  • Healing

An individual character may have access to abilities from more than one family, and may use them in concert to synthesize new abilities. Some of these will be explicitly defined in the game, but players are encouraged to go beyond what i explicitly define as along as they stay within the spirit of the provided definitions.

Spiritual Abilities


Spiritual entities may affect certain aspects of reality in ways that are not available to physical entities. Characters do not directly perform spiritual powers, but instead gain the effect of doing so by their connection to one or more spiritual entities. They are fueled by a character's karma or the karma of other chacatre's to which the character has access.

Karma is generated by a character's overall personality/behaviors and by specific actions taken by the character. Specific objects may store karma. Silver is the optimum material for this purpose.

Characters may have innate spiritual abilities because of their specific ancestry and/or by virue of being a member of a spritually attuned species. Other characters may gain abilities by being possessed by a spiritual entity (voluntarily or otherwise), by use of a spiritually endowed item, or via an alliance with a spiritual entity.

Spiritual Power Families

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Natural
  • Tribal

All spiritual powers are distinct from each other. An individual character may have access to abilities from more than aone family, but may not use them to synthesize new abilities which require the inetraction of abilities from more than one family.

Magical Abilities


Magical powers allow a character to bend reality to her/his will. Magical powers are fueled by mana. Character's may draw on their personal mana, that of another character, mana stored in an object, or the mana naturally available in a region.

The amount of mana available to a character is a function of that character's vitality and body mass. The amount of mana available in a region is a function of the biomass and density of the region's objects. Personal and regional mana will regenerate naturally over time up to the individual's/region's natural maximum. Using personal mana can cause one's maximum mana rating to increase.

Specific objects may store mana. Gold is the optimum material for this purpose.

Characters may have innate species-specific magical powers, or may learn to perform the abilities from skilled individuals or by other means. Using magical abilities will increase the charcater's proficiency in the ability used, and may reveal new abilities to the character.

Magical Ability Families

  • Primal - The use of power words, runes, components, gestures, etc.
  • Astral - Mental powers
  • Elemental - manifest/control/modify: earth (solid), air (gas), fire (energy), water (liquid)
  • Ethereal
  • Enchantment - imbue entities and onjects with magical properties (includes alchemy)

Magical powers from multiple families may be used in concert with each other by a character who has mastered abilities from more than one family.