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madv : intro

Mind Adventures (aka MAdv) is the name i gave my home grown RPG system (game mechanics and a related game background), partly to remind the player's that the game takes place in everyone's imagination, and is not limited just to what the lead figures on the table-top exerience.

The Mind Adventures (MAdv) pages of this site focus on the 'background' part of the multiverses in which our games have been set. They provide high level descriptions of the cosmology, theology, mythology, astrology, magic, super-natural, and advanced technologies that i have 'created' for use in appropriately defined MAdv scenarios.

Note: This site documents MAdv and the associated rules, game mechanics, background info, maps, etc. we use in our game. It is for the use of our players and the non-commercial entertainment of friends who might like to see what we are doing. The site is for non-commercial use, and all of its contents are copyright radar pangaean from 1980 through 2017 and beyond. Don't copy anything from here for any purpose.