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The Mind Adventures Multiverse

Mind Adventures Multiverse scenariors occur in one or more of the following physical realms:

Mind Adventures Physical Realms
Realm Dimensions Era Technology Metaphysical Arena
Alpha 1-2-3 Pre 6000 BCE Stone Age All Available Small Region
Beta 1-2-4 6000 BCE - 1000 BCE Bronze Age All Available Medium Region
Gamma 1-3-4 1000 BCE - 500 CE Iron Age Most Available Large Region
Delta 1-4-5 500 CE - 1500 CE Medieval Age Most Available with Limits Continents
Theta 1-5-6 1500 CE - 1800 CE Renaissance Age Most Available with More Limits Hemisphere
Iota 5-6-7 1800 CE - 1940 CE Industrial Age Some Available with Limits World
Kappa 5-6-8 1940 CE - 2050 CE Modern Age Some Available with Significant Limits Our Solar System
Lambda 5-8-9 2020 CE - 2300 CE Cybertech Age Few Available with Limits Multiple Star Systems
Sigma 8-9-10 2300 CE - 3000 CE Rotech Few Available with Significant Limits Galactic Quadrants
Tau 8-10-11 N/A Hibotech Psychic Only Intra-galactic
Omega 9-10-11 N/A Chrotech Enhanced Psychic Inter-galactic


Mind Adventures posits a multi-dimensional existence. Eleven independent physical realms exist in parallel with each other, and also with 7 metaphysical realms. The physical realms each utilize 3 (identfied in the 'Dimensions' column) of the existing 11 physical dimensions to establish their existence in physical space. Each of these realms has its own unique laws of physics/metaphysics, and each of them has its own independent populations, ecosystems, and history. The 7 metaphysical realms exist independently of each other and of the physical relams, but they are potentially directly accesible from each other and from each of the physical realms.

Depending on the referee's scenario, characters may remain within a single realm/phase for a 'consistent' gaming experience, or move between the realms as their adventures take them. Multiple mechanisms (spiritual, magical, psychic, and technological) exist which allow a character to move to a different realm, though some realms are not directly accessible from any given realm.


Mind Adventures supports the existence of alternate worlds. This works pretty much as it has been pictured in multiple fantasy/sci-fi story lines. A referee may opt to include alternates for one or more realm in her/his game, but the main purpose of supporting alternates is to allow each referee to have her/his own multiverse independent of any other referee's, while also supporting the posibility that characters from one game could also act in another referee's game multiverse.

Referees who wish to participate in the larger Mind Adventures Multiverse are expected to follow the guidelines on this site for the basic functionality, population, etc. of each defined realm/phase within their alternates, ensuring a reasonably consistent playing experience for their participants who may play in multiple referee's games.

Shifting Among Realms and Alternates

Depending on the referee's scenario, characters may remain within a single realm/phase/alternate for a 'consistent' gaming experience, or move between them as their adventures take them. Multiple mechanisms exist which allow a character to move to a different realm and/or alternate.

In our game, the lower realms have two specific alternates that are always directly supported. The main realm in which we play supports the indicated fantasy aspects, while the main alternate does not. This alternate is intended to allow for scenarios set in exact historical settings, without any magic, spirits, etc. However, as noted elsewhere characters who have psychic abilities will have their use even in the historical alternate realms.

The Realms

Physical Realms

Realms are distinguished primarily by the technological era in which they are set. The 'lower' realms are set in earlier periods of time and limit the amount of technology available, but allow for more types and more powerful metaphysics (i.e. they are fantasy based). The 'middle' realms support modern and near future technology, while also allowing for magic. The 'higher' realms base their technology on advances we have not yet managed within our knowledge of physics/chemistry/biology and/or on exotic elements that don't exist in the periodic table that we know (i.e. they are science fiction). As a side effect of the increasing available technology, the size of the arena in which the players will adventure gets larger as the realms move from lower to higher.

This table provides a list of the realms and a brief summary of what one can expect in each of them. I will be adding links to each of the realm names, where i will provide more detail about the technology and supernatural abilities available in each of them, as well as the history and culture of the 'standard alternate' for each realm.

Metaphysical Realms

Mtaphysical realms are populated by non-physical entities, i.e. spirits and the like. Their properties are not limited by any of our laws of physics. The ability to interact with the properties of these realms and/or their denizens is the source of many of the metaphysical abilities available to the players in the physical realms.

Mind Adventures Metaphysical Realms
Realm Denizens
Primal Transcendant Beings
Astral Solarae, Gaians, et alia
Spiritual Angels, Devils, Djin, Demons, et alia
Elemental Elementals, Avatars, et alia
Mythic Gods, Demigods, Revered Mythic/Legenday/Fictional Characters, et alia
Ethereal Undead, et alia
Gnostic Ghosts, Haunts, Nightmares, (... other Projectons)

Cyber Realms

Higher level physical realms include the ability to enter their associated 'internets' and interact directly with the associated virtual realities contained therein. The properties of each cyber realm are determiend by the available technology in the associated physical realm, but since these are virtual realities the normal laws of physics. etc. defined for that physical realm will not apply within the cyber realm.