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mars : intro

mars, The mind adventures rpg system, provides a simplified set of rules for running an RPG in almost any imaginable genre. It is slightly less complex than most commonly available commercial rule systems, but still allows for consitent resolution and a clear mechanism for tracking character progress.

mars is intended for groups who wish to focus mostly on the role playing aspects of their gaming session and not spend much time with record keeping, looking up stats to resolve game actions, etc. It is easy to use this set of rules without the use of a computer, using only dice and a few sheets of paper to keep track of game data. However, i am in process of automating these rules because that's what i do :-).

At the other end of the game rule complexity spectrum is guts, a far more complex 'rpg unit and environemnt simulator' which absolutely requires automated support to manage its data and result resolution mechanics. See the related section of this site for more information.

game mechanics

Characters are defined in mars in terms of what they are, how they are, what they have, what they know, and what they can do.

Each of these links leads to pages which explain the mechanics of how each of those things are defined and tracked.